Innovative Therapies is a healthcare company that is dedicated to improving patient care in compelling new ways by combining advances in technology with financially attractive solutions. Innovative Therapies has brought several significant innovations to healthcare, including our advanced wound care treatment systems. Quantum is our newest landmark technology that combines negative pressure wound therapy with a novel, lightweight design in a solution that delivers better financial control, considerable cost savings along with clinical advantages and dramatic improvements to design and user interface.

  • Technical Healing: The latest wound management technologies

    Innovative Therapies’ Chief Operating Officer, Matt Dambeck weighs in on the new standards and technologies of wound care that include anti-infectives, biological and sustained-released anti-microbial dressings, pressure relief devices and negative pressure wound therapy.

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  • ISO and CE Certification

    Innovative Therapies, Inc was recently awarded both their ISO Certificate of Registration from BSI Group America, Inc. and CE Certificate from BSI Assurance UK Limited.

    CE certificate